03 September 2022, 18:24

Fire Resistant Homes

Climate change is affecting the frequency of droughts and wildfires. Here are some ways that you can protect your home from wildfires.
03 September 2022, 17:49

Create a Low Maintenance, Eco-Friendly Home

Going eco-friendly is even better when you also get the added benefit of lower home maintenance too. These tips will make it easier to take care of your home and be kinder to the environment.
02 September 2022, 20:35

Upgrades that Maximize Your Home's Resale Value

Are you thinking of putting your house on the market? It may be worth it to first consider your home’s best resale value. 
02 September 2022, 20:12

Eco-friendly Moving Tips

Seven tips on how to make your next move a more eco-friendly one
02 August 2022, 18:39

The Complex Business of Producing Solar Panels

This is a dive into the solar industry; how it started, its production, what issues it is facing, and what impacts on the economy it is having in the United States and elsewhere.
01 August 2022, 16:37

Is 3D Printing the Future of Eco Building?

3D printed homes could solve many housing issues, but could it be much more eco-friendly? Here are some ways to improve the process to make it better for the environment and people.
19 July 2022, 21:49

Green Home Financing Options

A complete list of green mortgages, tax incentives, energy credits, and more to help you finance your green home purchase or renovation.
30 June 2022, 00:05

A Guide to Smart Lighting

A look at different types of lighting options and automated technologies for a smart and energy efficient home.
24 June 2022, 14:12

A Sustainable and Affordable Way Out of the Housing Crisis 

A sustainable and affordable way out of the housing crisis 
22 June 2022, 18:06

Natural Passive Cooling for your Home

How to cool your home, naturally