Our Process

  • Create an account or log in

  • Fill in details & select eco features.

  • Activation Status

  • Select paid services

  • Market to buyers looking specifically for eco homes, like yours!

  • Total control of listings with account

  • Nationwide in every city      

  • Most comprehensive selection of eco features to market your property effectively.

  • Unlimited amount of listings

  • Every applicable listing receives a Sage Score


  • How do I create an account?

      You can create an account by clicking on "Log in/Sign up" button located on the top right corner of the webpages. You have the option to create an account through your Facebook or Google+ account or with your email and a password.

  • How do I add a listing?

      You will need to log in or create an account before you can add a listing. Click on "List your home" on the top bar of the webpages. Step 1 - Login or Register Step 2-- Select "List your home" Step 3 -- Enter the property's address in auto-import. Or manually add the listing if the auto-import does not recognize the home's address. Step 4 -- Make sure to complete or verify auto-imported details and click save. Don't forget! Select the property's eco and premium features in the "Details" section. Add more photos and general features if desired. Step 5 -- Activate your listing Step 6 -- Purchase optional services

  • How do I select the features for my listing?

      Once you've selected "Add a Listing" and you've imported or manually added the property's address you will click on "DETAILS." Under the "Details" section you will find selections in certifications (Energy Star, LEED and more. If you do not find your certification, select "Other" and insert the name of the certification. Select from hundreds of eco options ranging from types of eco homes, construction, materials, alternative energy options and more. The more options you select, the easier it is for a user to search and find your listing. Remember to click "Save."

  • What kinds of marketing options does Realty Sage offer for my listing?

      Once you Activate your listing, you can select paid services or click on the $ icon in your "My listings" section. You can select marketing options such as Featured Listing on the home page or highlight in search, photo carousel, or lift up in city search and continue to payment. Prices and activation periods are shown. We accept credit cards and account payments through Paypal.