29 June 2019, 16:01

Going Waste-Free Beautifully—How to Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

Your beauty routine may leave you with squeaky clean skin, feeling refreshed and ready for the day—but have you ever thought of how those exact same products might affect our environment? The beauty industry has a lot of catching up to do in terms of going waste free, however we have compiled a quick list of our favorite tricks to reduce waste from your beauty routine, all without compromising your style!
26 June 2019, 23:42

8 Quick, Easy Ways to Kick-Start Your Zero Waste Lifestyle

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle can start with a few quick, easy changes to your everyday routines! These changes may seem small at first, but as these changes become habits you’ll start to see just how much of an impact each person can have when they simply think ahead to “What will happen to this product after I’m done with it?”
22 June 2019, 16:36

Are We Wasting Our Waste?

When you think of “waste” what do you think of? Trash day? Think again. Your trash's life cycle doesn't end at the curb. How rethinking your waste may be one of the best eco-friendly things you do.
29 May 2019, 17:50

Realty Sage Selected by US Department of State to Represent at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit

Realty Sage selected to be part of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 on June 3rd-5th in The Netherlands. Also in attendance will be Ivanka Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo, ambassadors from around the world and Fortune 500 companies. Realty Sage is a national and global award winning company which using big data and AI to integrate and analyze energy efficiency, clean and smart technology data in residential real estate.
03 April 2019, 15:44

Winner in Best in Sustainability: Top Industry Experts

Realty Sage (Viva Green Homes) is a winner in Best in Sustainability: Top Industry Experts
06 March 2019, 13:56

Message from the Founder, Introducing Realty Sage

Honored to be part of this new journey, Viva Green Homes is now Realty Sage
19 February 2019, 19:43

Introducing Realty Sage

Introducing Realty Sage (RS), an enhanced residential real estate platform, powered by intelligent data that helps buyers learn even more about each property, and where sellers and agents can more accurately market their home listings.
09 April 2018, 20:14

The Green Gab podcast with Kari Klaus

Founder of Viva Green Homes, Kari Klaus, discusses inspiration from data and ah-ha moments.
19 March 2018, 16:37

Realty Sage is taking on top industry issues

How Realty Sage takes on 4 of the top 10 issues facing the real estate industry