Tech Startup Advances Eco Homes in Traditional Real Estate Market

24 May 2016, 00:00, a tech start-up, 1776 member, finalist in 2016 Mentor Capital Network Sustainable Business Plan Collaboration and participant in 2016 Cleantech Open Southeast,  just rolled out its version 2 after a year-long popular beta version released in October 2014.  
Version 2 is revamped, with new tools, content, user experience, and thousands of active eco home listings in its database. But what's most important is its focus on a segment of the growing real estate market that is not being sufficiently represented or marketed to consumers. So why is VivaGreenHomes such a big deal to the real estate market?
If you are a professional, service provider, or sustainable product distributor you have a growing problem whether you like it or not — eco homes (high tech, complicated, and fast-growing) and their place in the traditional real estate market. How do you deal? 
Real estate agents: How does an agent market the eco home listings to buyers who may not understand the energy efficiency and cost savings? How do they find a home for a buyer client looking for certain features that their MLS does not provide or for the listing agent that does advertise rpoperly, such as energy ratings or solar systems?
Appraisers and lenders: How do  professionals accurately appraise a home with eco features, certifications or systems, such as geothermal or solar systems or Net Zero Energy for example when the current MLS database does not track these types of homes?
Hiring professionals: How do buyers and sellers get matched with a professional real estate agents that have experience and or credentials in the type of eco homes that they are selling or are seeking to purchase?
Buyers: How can customers avoid “greenwash” advertising when some agents claim a “green” home that may only have a few simple features?
Sustainable product provider: How does a provider market their products without the data showing that it is increasing the value of homes and in which cities or regions? What platforms do they have to reach consumers interested specifically in eco homes?
Here are just some of the things is doing to create a comprehensive real estate market.
  • No more "Green washing" Each home listed on VGH that does not already have a third party certification, such as Energy Star and LEED for example, receives a VivaGreen score of 1-5 stars based not only on the quantity of eco features, but the quality. Site users can quickly browse homes to find the right amount of "green" for them. 
  • Matching clients with the right agent experience: Find real estate agents with the right eco experience to market a home accurately or to help  find and properly assist in the purchase of an eco home. (Coming very soon).
  • Accuracy. VGH is working to verify third party eco home certifications and display that verification on the listing as well as updating listings often with price, status, and new information.
  • User experience:  Thousands of eco listings across the country, hundreds of eco features to choose from, content, tools, and streamlined design to make the home search easy and effective --- more so than any eco home listings site around.  
  • Enhanced content: Largest database of eco-specific homes and expansion of professionals, service and product providers. 
  • Eco professionals & companies: Ability to locate eco professionals and companies; agents, builders, architects, solar installers and more. Add your company, your agent profile, or profession to the site directory for free. 
  • More data: Added tools and information to find or market a home easier. Consumers will be able to easily understand new technologies and the value they bring to eco homes. Partners to VGH can showcase their technology and innovative tools for site users.

To learn more about, visit the site or contact them directly at [email protected]
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