Makeover Your Kid's Bedroom with these 7 DIY Eco-Friendly Ideas

01 August 2023, 06:24

The room of your little ones should be a safe, comfortable and playful haven. One way to ensure this is by making it eco-friendly. Here are seven green DIY ideas that you can use to upgrade your child's bedroom while also making it sustainable.

  1. Paint the Room with Low-VOC Paint: Use a non-toxic, low-VOC paint like BACKDROP Premium Interior Paint  to add a fresh splash of color. Watch this video tutorial for painting tips.

  2. Create a Recycled Art Corner: Make use of old jars and boxes to create an art station. This video shows how to transform jars into cute storage solutions.

  3. Use Eco-friendly Bedding: Opt for organic, hypoallergenic bedding from brands like Boll & Branch. This video explains why organic bedding is a great choice.

  4. Install LED Lights: Replace regular light bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs. Check out this video to learn more about their benefits.

  5. Build a DIY Bookshelf from Reclaimed Wood: Make a bookshelf using reclaimed wood, adding a rustic touch to the room. This video tutorial will guide you through the process.

  6. Repurpose Old Furniture: Instead of buying new furniture, consider repurposing what you have. Watch this video for inspiration.

  7. Use Recycled Plastic Bins for Toy Storage: Keep toys organized with recycled plastic bins, like these from The Container Store. This video shows how to effectively organize toys.

    In conclusion, creating an eco-friendly space for your child can be easy, fun, and cost-effective. By incorporating these ideas, you can ensure your child's room is safe, comfortable, and sustainably designed. 

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