Terms of Agreement_Customer Lead

See the Full Terms of Use for the RealtySage.com and RealtySagePros.com site. 

Realty Sage wants to provide a quality experience for our customers and the agents on the Pro Search Platform. Our Guarantee is that if after a Pro Member has accepted a customer lead, and finds that the match is not a good fit or you are having issues contacting the customer or for any other reason, Pro Members have:

1.     7 days to return the lead from the time you made payment until 12pm EST
2.     Can return up to 3 leads within a 12 month period.

Realty Sage will credit your RS/RS Pros account with the amount you paid for the lead. You can use this credit for any of the RS Pros or marketing services on RealtySage.com or RealtySagePros.com.If a Pro Member returns a lead, then You Agree to:
1.     NOT work with the customer/ client within 1 year of accepting the lead, whichever is most recent.
2.     NOT refer a returned or current RS Pro customer lead to another agent or broker for a period of 1 year from the date you accept the customer lead unless otherwise specified, documented, and agreed upon by you and RS Pros.

If the Pro Member violates our Return Lead Policy, You agree to pay the following fees including but not limited to:
a.     The agent the lead generation fee and;
b.     A fee of $5,000 and;
c.     Any applicable legal fees, which Realty Sage may incur during the legal process. 

REALTY SAGE PROS www.RealtySagePros.com

RealtySagePros.com is a subsidiary of the RealtySage.com website. All Terms of Use and Privacy Policies under RealtySage.com also apply to RealtySagePros.com. Realty Sage Pros is not in the business of providing professional services. Pro Members understand and agree that by creating and maintaining an account on the Platform, they receive only the ability to use the Realty Sage Pros (RS Pros) Platform to access persons interested in receiving real estate services, including but not limited to the ability to email or contact Customer Members and or schedule appointments.

Pro Members understand and agree that using the Platform does not guarantee that any Realty Sage Site Users or Customer Members will engage them or are obligated in any way to commit to real estate services.

The RS Pro customer lead return policy is to ensure that agents have access to quality leads and to protect the integrity of the lead generation process for everyone. If you have questions or need to discuss your situation specifically, please feel free to Contact Us at [email protected]


Pro Members must be actively licensed real estate agents able to perform real estate transactions in their Pro Member Service Areas.

While it is completely free for licensed real estate agents to create an Agent Pros profile, in order to accept the customer lead, Pro Members must be able to make payment via PayPal or major credit cards accepted on PayPal on a pay-per-lead basis. Pro Members understand and agree that they are customers of Realty Sage, and are not Realty Sage employees, joint venturers, partners, or agents. RS does not control, and has no right to control, the real estate services a Pro Member provides (including how the Pro Member provides such services) if the Pro Member is engaged by a Customer Member, except as specifically noted herein.

Realty Sage, as permitted by applicable laws, may obtain reports based on publicly available information regarding Pro Members, which may include their professional experience and credentials, their history of criminal convictions or sex offender registration, and we may limit, block, suspend, deactivate, or cancel a Pro Member’s account based on the results of such a check. As a Pro Member, you agree and authorize us to use your personal information, such as your full name and date of birth and publicly available work experience to obtain such reports from Realty Sage’s vendors.

See the Full Terms of Use for the RealtySage.com and RealtySagePros.com site.